Zelda Sheldon is absolutely Freaking Awesome!!

Zelda Sheldon uke performer

Zelda Sheldon uke performer

Zelda's ukulele and singing performance at our Music Row outreach for the homeless is 'absolutely freaking awesome!' She plays a bunch of beautiful songs including my favourite 'Down To The River To Pray' and she lights up the whole room with her singing and ukulele playing. I love it. Everyone here loves it. 

Troy James
Isaiah 58 Mission on Music Row
Nashville TN


 Zelda Sheldon - Spectacular!

Double high-fives for Zelda's show at Brookmont in Belle Meade Tennessee.

Double high-fives for Zelda's show at Brookmont in Belle Meade Tennessee.

Zelda Sheldon’s performance at our assisted living community, Homewood Residence at Brookmont Terrace, was spectacular to say the least. Not only was the talent there, but she brought great energy to the entire room! The projection, quality, and content of the music was wonderful. Zelda never quit smiling and engaging with her audience. Zelda’s vocal and ukulele show was so much more than playing music; it was an interactive performance that included every single person in the room. Before she began playing, Zelda went around the room and asked each person in the audience what their name was. She had all 20 or so memorized in about 10 minutes! This not only impressed the residents but the staff as well. I have never seen anyone connect with our residents in such a natural, loving, and genuine way. We cannot wait to have her back!

Madeline Hurt
Program Coordinator 
Homewood Residence at Brookmont Terrace

Zelda with some of the girls at Windlands Nashville Tennessee.

Zelda with some of the girls at Windlands Nashville Tennessee.

Zelda Sheldon - A Surprisingly Lovely Musical Time.

We LOVED having Zelda come and perform for us. Zelda's singing and playing was very enjoyable to all, she's so talented and nice, glad she shared with us! She took time to find out everyone's name, which was so lovely! I was so glad to get a picture of the event too. Zelda's performance was uplifting and cheerful for all residents in attendance and she played music we enjoyed. Everyone was truly delighted and we are going to request to our activity director that we definitely want her to come here for more visits! We will be happy to see her again! Soon I hope. I recommend her to any other seniors residence for a surprising lovely musical time.  

Windlands South Retirement Home 
Nashville, Tennessee.

Double high-fives from the Woodbine Seniors group for Zelda's Show

Double high-fives from the Woodbine Seniors group for Zelda's Show

Zelda Sheldon - Really Good & Fun!

Thank You Zelda for a wonderful show at Woodbine Seniors. You were REALLY good and fun, and everyone in the group enjoyed you. What particularly impressed our group was that you made an effort to ask everyone their name and remembered every single person in our group. A very nice touch. We all loved singing along to the songs you played, you were great – really great. Hope you can come back again. ~Woodbine Seniors. 


Our Activity Directors Love Zelda

Accompanying herself on the ukulele, Zelda Sheldon entertains and delights the older adult audiences she reaches through Music for Seniors.  We consistently get positive feedback from the activity directors we work with across the Nashville area who tell us how much they love her.  She does an awesome job and is a great asset to the Music For Seniors program. Her fun music and warm personality have endeared her to all the seniors we serve! 

Sarah Martin McConnell
Director, FiftyForward Music for Seniors



Zelda Sheldon trio - Head Over Heels - what a Hit!

There are only three things that grab anybody’s attention in Nashville …

A Great Song, a Great Voice and a Great Musician.
A couple of weeks ago The Tennessee Songwriters Association was holding their annual showcase at The Red Rooster on Music Row and I heard all three. 

The room of high-top tables and bar stools was dimly lit, the place was busy and it was a nice evening so the patio doors were open. Periodically, throughout the course of the evening, I walked out onto the patio to have a conversation with someone, but could still hear the performers from there. I had been there since it started, it was nearing the end of the evening and I was on the patio again. 

It took me a moment to re-focus my ears in the middle of my conversation but I managed to and I immediately excused myself and flew back into the room because I knew I was hearing a “HIT” song.

The lead vocalist, TJ CARTER had “THE VOICE” … and the whole room knew it. ZELDA SHELDON’s ukulele accompaniment added a wonderful flavor, her back-up harmonies blended amazingly with TJ’s voice, their phrasing was “spot-on” and PAL SHELDON, Zelda’s husband of 31 years accompanied their performance with his hand-made, Brazilian rosewood De Gruchy acoustic guitar.

Three songwriters … three voices, one ukulele, one guitar and a “HIT song” … WOW ! The song is entitled … HEAD OVER HEELS written and performed by the Sheldon Carter Trio. 

James Rae
The Producers Chair
Nashville, Tennessee.


Pal and Zelda at Red Roosters Nashville

Pal and Zelda at Red Roosters Nashville

Unbelievable!  Tremendous performers! A dynamic duo!

Featured Fan Review:

I can't tell you how much of an unexpected surprise it was watching you. I knew you were great songwriters but to watch you both on stage performing together brings a whole other level to your songwriting. Unbelievable! You guys are tremendous performers - and you write these wonderful songs. 

Listening to you together was so special. They way you put your two acts together with your song arrangements and blending your intricate harmonies with playing your instruments - you complement each other in such an amazing way - it completes you. What a wonderful special relationship you two have on stage together. You are a dynamic duo! 

Marilyn Crawley
Tennessee Songwriters Association International


All the Pippies kids love Zelda Sheldon

Zelda Sheldon Ukulele Performer

Zelda Sheldon Ukulele Performer

The 50 kids at our preschool have adored Zelda's weekly shows for the past year and a half. Every Wednesday the kids are so excited because it's 'Zelda Day!' Her energy and creativity is infectious and we all love her!  

Pippies at Balmoral
Sydney Australia


Zelda's Ukulele Baby Music is too lovely for words!

The Sydney Rocks Markets is delighted for Ukulele Baby Music to be a regular part of Australia’s premier markets.

Vanessa Campbell
Manager of The Sydney Rocks Markets


Zelda's music and movement shows are awesome.

City of Sydney Libraries are delighted to have Zelda come and perform at our network of libraries. She has performed half a dozen times and her early childhood music and movement shows are an absolute delight. The kids love her and get so excited playing the music games and playing ukuleles and percussion and singing and doing all the actions. The parents love seeing their children interact and it's a fun, fresh music show that our libraries are proud to host.  

Nicole Powell
Children's & Youth Services Librarian
City of Sydney Library Network


Wow! Zelda shows how sharing is a lot of fun 

I loved watching my two children aged two and four glow with confidence playing ukulele and singing the songs in Zelda's Ukulele Baby Music floorshow. And seeing them engage with the other children and help the younger ones made me feel so proud as a mum.             

Sonia D
Children's Party Host
Naremburn NSW


Zelda's Ukulele Baby Music shows are amazing!

Zelda has performed twice for our early childhood play centre of 80 kids and both shows were amazing. After the last show we even talked about needing 'bouncers' - just like a rock concert to stop the children rushing onto the stage as the children get so excited when they see the real instruments on stage. Zelda is fantastic with the children and has a lovely way of making sure it's all under control and keeping the children on the mats in front of the stage.

Corrinne Madden
North Sydney Community Play Centre



Zelda Sheldon Impressed our Blue Chip Corporate Client

Zelda Sheldon ukulele performer at Rose Hill Racecourse, Sydney Australia

Zelda Sheldon ukulele performer at Rose Hill Racecourse, Sydney Australia

Zelda's amazing 7-hour solo show impressed our corporate client so much so that they asked us to book her for four more shows for one of Sydney's premier events. The way she worked with the crowd was tremendous. We received lots of positive comments from attendees. Everyone in the audience had a great time singing along with her and she helped create a fun atmosphere for our premier event. 

Pendulum Events


Awesome Energy!

Pal and Zelda performing at Ri'chards Nashville.

Pal and Zelda performing at Ri'chards Nashville.

Awesome energy, dynamics, brightness and a whole lot of fun. We see a lot of music and Pal and Zelda's unique music show was outstanding for creating a wonderful mood for our venue. Our patrons said they loved Pal and Zelda and we definitely want them to perform again for us. 

Ri'chard Trest  
Ri'chard's Cajun Cafe Nashville