Zelda Sheldon Transformational Coach


Transformational Coaching

Take the next step toward your better self. Zelda helps people give up the bad and take up the good in their lives through transformational coaching. Turn your life around.


Zelda and her company, Love Your Voice is here to help you become better at speaking, whether that’s normal everyday conversational speaking or public speaking.

There are many different reasons why people get speech coaching but behind all the reasons it usually gets down to wanting to speak with more confidence. It’s not just singers, performers and actors who get anxious and jittery.


Juliana from Brazil is now living in the USA. English is her second language. In her job she speaks all day to the general public and wants to be understood without having to repeat what she said. Accent Reduction coaching will help her.

Adam, born in the USA now works in a job where he needs to give work presentations in front of an audience or a group of people. He gets so anxious and nervous, his mouth dries up and he goes blank. Confident Presenting coaching will help him.


Zelda has been teaching private lessons for over 11 years and is currently available to teach weekly lessons at her home studio in Nashville, TN or online.

She provides a dynamic, student-centered training curriculum for voice, speech, singing, ear training, performing, ukulele, bass and songwriting, and shares her passion for creativity and lifelong learning.

Her lessons are refreshingly different - centering on the individual student and their unique needs. She has helped many students come out of their shells, learn to sing, improve their abilities for live performance, communications, showcases, auditions for all kinds of shows, competitions, joining and playing in a band, creating a dynamic set list, recording and a lot more.

She's worked with singers of all kinds from hobbyists to professionals, studio session singers and musicians, soloists, lead singers, karaoke singers, duos, choirs, singer songwriters as well as songwriters who don't call themselves singers.