Living the Dream In Nashville

Sheldon Park

Sheldon Park

Utopia. Paradise. Nirvana.

I love waking up every morning and looking out through our bedroom windows to our park-like garden in Nashville Tennessee.  I love watching the brilliant flashes of red flash across our green yard. Those Cardinal birds are so pretty. I love listening to the Cardinal birds singing with all the other pretty Tennessee birds I am yet to discover and name. Can life get any better I ask myself?

Having written and produced television programs and music for TV for over three decades in Australia we've come to work with new music talent and we're finding a whole bunch of it here in Nashville Tennessee, our new home for my husband Pal and myself.

We're here living the dream, writing songs and expanding our music business. Every day is filled with songwriting and producing music and working with amazing music talent. In the past seven months we've written over 75 songs with cowriters from the USA. 

And happy to be living one day at a time in paradise.